The foundation for all GREAT waxing services

Knowing when to wax and when 
not to wax is super important.  

Following proper sanitation 
practices is even more important. 

Whether you are new to offering waxing services, or it's just been a while, or you need a refresher on your theory and sanitation practices, this course will get you started on the right track. 

When it comes to waxing there are so many things that could go wrong, BUT knowing when to wax and when not to wax can save you and your client from some pretty sticky situations.  

Clients are more savvy today than they have ever been about waxing services and sanitation.  They do their research, that means we need to do ours.  

This course will give you all of the information you need to  speak to your client  from a place of knowledge and confidence about their waxing options 


Once you purchase the course, your access never expires .  You will be sent an email with login instructions and may begin taking the course immediately.       

This course is Advanced Training for Licensed Professionals and beauty students ONLY!   

If your state requires you to be licensed to perform waxing services, then you MUST first obtain licensure  before you can take this advanced training.  

You MUST enter your  license/student ID information at enrollment.  If you are not a licensed professional you will be removed from the course.  Your fee will not be refunded. 



What's included?

2 Quizzes
2 Texts
3 Presentations

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I am hooked!! She is amazing! Her education resources have helped me immensely! She is so helpful and truly has a heart to help Estheticians further their knowledge in waxing. I just love The Wax Chick!! - Leah F. Oklahoma

Crickett  Enos
Crickett Enos

About the instructor

Crickett is a leading educator in the waxing world.  For over a decade she has been training beauty professionals all over the world to perform brows and Brazilians with confidence and ease.  She is a frequent speaker at Face and Body and IECSC trade shows, and contributing author for Skin Deep and Skin Inc. magazines.  

She is also the creator of the Beelicious line of waxes and waxing products for beauty professionals which were nominated for Dermascope's Aesthetician Choice Award for 2018.  

If you are looking to gain the confidence and knowledge needed to complete in the waxing world, Crickett is your girl!